Severe, Plain Muscle Turns Out Can Also Have Cancer

Smooth muscle plays a role in supporting the network of blood vessels and organs in the body that are hollow, such as the stomach, intestines and bladder. This muscular work is involuntary or works unconsciously, and moves on various stimuli. Just like other body parts, smooth muscle can also be affected by cancer. Examples of the work of smooth muscle, which is when you chew food, the smooth muscle in the salivary glands will drain saliva into the mouth. This was done to help the processing of food in the mouth. Another example is intestinal contraction to digest food. If there is an abnormality in smooth muscle, without fast and proper handling, the work of smooth muscle can be disrupted. This will certainly affect various important functions of the body's organs. Know Leiomyosarcoma Muscle Cancer Plain One of the deadly diseases that can attack smooth muscle is leiomyosarcoma or also called LMS. Leiomyosarcoma is a cancer that arises because of the growth of abnormal smoot
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